Prayer Focus for the Nations

The Lord Reigns

Praying for the Nations in response to the Corona Virus (3) Set to the music of Bach’s concerto for oboe and violin, BWV 1060 With Thomas Herzog (oboe), Susannah Herzog, Shirley Richards and Helen Rees (violins), Julian Chan (viola), and Jo Garcia (cello).       Lord,... read more

World Watch: Response to the Corona Virus

I heard a top virologist saying yesterday that COVID-19 is the most frightening infection he has met in twenty years in the profession. He proceeded to explain why he considers it to be still more serious than Ebola or Mers despite the apparently low level of deaths... read more

Prayer Watch Post Brexit Negotiations, the EU, the US and the Middle East

From the welcome extended to Ursula von der Leyen, the new President of the EU, in her recent visit to this country, it would be nice to feel that the new administration in Europe may prove somewhat more comfortable to deal with than the previous one. If so we can... read more

A mighty tide has swept much and many away – A Reflection

The Lord has been impressing two things on me this morning [on the day after the election]. Firstly, that a mighty tide has flowed in with regard to the outcome of this election in response to the very considerable amount of prayer that has gone up for it – news of... read more

An important prophecy about specific attacks that are going to be directed against Boris Johnson and his government.

The word ‘Mashal’ implies a wise and succinct message that is often shared in the form of a prophetic parable or a poem. From time to time we send out words by people whose ministry we are not personally acquainted with. We did that with regard to Emma Stark’s... read more

The scattered confetti of false promises

Who is right – Hananiah or Jeremiah? As we approach a General Election, and pledges and promises are flying around in all directions, before we turn our attention to the present day situation will you bear with me while I draw some comparisons with Judah in the... read more