Prayer Focus for the Nations

A refreshingly different perspective on Brexit

With both sides in the Brexit situation seemingly on the edge of despair at the terrible things which will happen if it goes the other way, here is a refreshingly encouraging contribution that was sent to me. I am not familiar with Jennifer Abigail Lawson-Wallace and... read more

Brexit Matters: Will this draft declaration provide a way forward?

At a conference in Westminster on Tuesday, the Lord spoke to Linda about His desire for restoration rather than ruin – effectively for a profound remodelling of Britain – not just in terms of our relationship with Europe but in His concern for the poor in this land.... read more

Remember those in prison

Political decisions are important because they will ultimately affect our lives profoundly – but what happens in the depths of people’s hearts is still more important. Let’s be sure not to forget those who are in prison and facing interrogation and great... read more

Some Brexit Thoughts

(i) Justin Coldstream At around the time of the referendum, I had a sense that a Leave result was very likely. It almost felt like a spiritual earthquake taking place!  On the night before the vote, our church home group was treated to the most spectacular rainbow... read more

Reflections on the other nations mentioned in the 1911 prophecy

The 1911 prophecy I referred to in the article A twin pronged Call to Women to pray briefly mentioned a number of countries, rather as many of the oracles in the Old Testament frequently referred to Edom and Moab and so on. Concerning the nations specifically... read more

Who will rise up for Me?

Back in 1980, at a time when we were being called as a small community to deepen our life of prayer for the nations, Martin Charlesworth wrote this powerful call from Lord to rise up as intercessors for Him. With Megan singing it for us, this is a really beautiful as... read more