From the heart

A Psalm for storm-tossed times

This is a psalm that describes the sort of abrupt transition that many experience in the course of life, when the boundary between one season and another is crossed, whether in stages or all of a sudden. Some find themselves plunged into change as the result of some... read more

Tributes to Dad

Some of the Tributes at Dad’s passing to Glory I am grieved that I sent a letter to your Dad too late – but God knows we all loved Him and what a great influence and encouragement he was on us all. He literally changed the course of my life and my father’s –... read more

Journey So Long – Robert’s Address

John Weston April 4th 1930 – May 26th 2019 We chose the cover picture for the service sheet partly because Dad has always liked steam trains, but at least as much to celebrate the fact that Dad is now well and truly embarked now on the most important journey of all:... read more

The story of Dad’s homecoming

As you will remember from the last edition, Dad was taken to hospital at the end of April with a badly fractured femur, and what turned out to be major secondary renal cancer. We are taking up the story from the morning of May 26th when Ros and Dad were waiting for... read more

Keith Entwistle

In glorious Memory of Keith Entwistle A few days ago. Keith Entwistle, Linda`s husband, fell off a ladder and broke his wrist in two places. He appeared to be recovering, but Linda found him unconscious the night before last and he had to be taken into A & E. He... read more

Outreach in Valldemossa

When I am abroad I am always delighted to find places where the presence of the Lord is particularly strong. On this occasion I was in Valldemossa, a town best known to tourists for being the temporary residence of Frederick Chopin and his mistress Georges Sand, but... read more