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Jun 25, 2019 | From the heart

John with Family

Some of the Tributes at Dad’s passing to Glory

I am grieved that I sent a letter to your Dad too late – but God knows we all loved Him and what a great influence and encouragement he was on us all. He literally changed the course of my life and my father’s – that was a miracle. I truly loved your father – his care for me has been extended to so many young people now in my care that I cannot count the blessings passed on – his legacy in me is incalculable. (Gerard and Sarah, Jersey)

“You were so precious to ourselves and the countless other you have made such an impact on. Here are four precious memories:

~ your brilliantly funny speech at Robert and Ros’s wedding;

~ visiting your wonderful home in Leicestershire with books bursting out of every corner;

~ your beautiful reading of majestic passages of Scripture at Robert’s conferences in Malvern

~ and your great kindness in sending us a gift and dictionary for the children when I stepped out of my job in faith [into the new work the Lord was directing me to]. That gift meant such a great deal to us it was a huge encouragement. (Terry Charlton, Founder, Mission Africa)

We so enjoyed our visits to John and have lots of happy memories, lots of wonderful chats about music, theology, the church and the world. We will miss his wisdom, sense of humour and his wonderful warmth. He was like an uncle to us– a wonderful man! (Helen and Robin, from Abingdon).

We all so loved and appreciated him. We were all in tears when we heard – both at rejoicing at Heaven’s gain and mourning the loss of a dear brother. (Naomi from Malvern)

What struck us about your father was his undying love for the Lord and his desire to bless those around him, still outward looking and positive, not self-orientated with a focus on the very real pain and difficulties he had to cope with. What a wonderful example of a man still strong in his faith and radiating God’s love right to the last moments here on earth. (Margie and Marilyn, who knew Dad from Chester days)

How beautiful that even in his final stay in hospital and in his weakness he was always the gentleman he was and impacted so many lives for his Lord. (Vicki from Chester days)

Carol and I have good memories of John coming all the way to Cwmbran when we had problems with our computers at Vision [the printing company they used to run]; and how he went out of his way to try and resolve issues we had with the hardware and software. He even gave us one of his old computers to get us going!

We recall many happy occasions when he and Angela welcomed us to their homes: Mowbray Lodge that you shared together, and more recently his home in Malvern.

John was such a caring, sensitive intellectual who loved life, reading, music and technology . . . there wasn’t much that he wasn’t interested in! But most of all was his passion for our Master: Jesus. He was one of those amazing people that remained faithful to the end . . . and beyond. What a testimony! (Howard and Carol from MFOT days)

I so appreciated the beautiful account of Dad’s promotion to glory. Thank you for loving him so well through all the seasons of his long and fruitful life. He is remembered with great fondness and I cherish past times spent with him and Mum. (Florence, from conference days).

What a wonderful man he was. He always made me feel safe – he had such a big heart. (Hilary, also from MFOT conference days).

His laugh, the quality and nuance for me was completely liberating in the Lord. I had never come across a parson dressed in a dog collar who represented so much freedom. (Lorraine and Alisthair from Oxford)

I never think of him but that he was happy. (Paul Robson, a vicar he worked closely with in Shropshire)

Although we didn’t know John for very long his warmth, openness, self-depreciating humour, valiant and faithful heart and his ability to find joy in the quirks and challenges of life circumstances will stay with us. (Elizabeth and Andrew from Malvern).

We will always remember John’s active participation in all the conferences and his and Angela’s hospitality every time we visited Marshbrook. (Francis and Sally, former MFOT Trustees).

We remember him well from the Malvern conferences that Robert led. He had a very secure presence and a peaceful authority, as well as his warm hospitality. I am sure we benefited from his intercession . . . a Weston-inspired wind on our journey. (Tom and Mojdeh).

We so enjoyed our visits to John and have lots of happy memories, lots of wonderful chats about music, theology, the church and the world. We will miss his wisdom, sense of humour and his wonderful warmth. He was like an uncle to us – a wonderful man! (Helen and Robin, from Abingdon).

So many good memories – the most recent was hearing his strong clear voice reading from Isaiah during Robert’s talk on the end times. So wonderful he remained strong and joyful to the end. (Justin from MFOT days)

He was my spiritual father and taught me so much. (Jan from Clifton days)

It was very moving, and an immense privilege, to be present at John’s funeral last week. It honoured the Lord in every aspect and was a wonderful testimony to the grace of God at work in the life of an amazingly gifted, yet humble, servant of Christ. I shall never forget the service.

I was greatly touched to be offered one of John’s priestly stoles, which I shall wear for baptisms and marriages from now on. Thank you for that gift: it felt a little bit like an Elijah/Elisha moment when it happened.  (Revd. Tony Roake, from Clifton days)

‘We have such dear and precious memories of John and we remain so grateful for the input and encouragement he gave to us. He was so wise yet down to earth, such good fun yet carrying a Godly authority and gravitas.

He was a great man – it is so remarkable that a picture and word from your Dad, released my own dad from a profound and lifelong curse. I owe your Dad more than I can say.

. . . It is as if John is encouraging us all now to take up that baton and continue the race he was part of ‘always looking to Jesus the author and perfecter of our faith.’

Amen and Amen!

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  1. Jeni Peters

    Thank you Robert and Roz for sharing the Long Journey of your Dad’s life in such a beautiful way. Such precious reflections. What a gentle giant of a man in all ways. Your loss is heaven’s gain.
    With love Jeni

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