The Sound of Hope: Music to help us pray for America, Russia and Ukraine

I wanted to offer some representative pieces of music to help us pray for America, Russia and Ukraine. The latter two were an easy choice, but as I couldn’t find anything in our library stock that seemed right for America, I thought instead to offer this Welsh hymn,... read more

The winds blow more strongly at altitude (i) Pray for leaders!

When it comes to the wind, it can often happen that a gentle zephyr makes its presence felt across the Severn plain; but up on the bare heights of the Malvern Hills, a very chilly hoolie can be harooshing. There’s a good reason for this: looking east from the summit... read more

Praying for our enemies

What a stunning challenge Jesus presents us with when He tells us to ‘Pray for your enemies, and to love those that persecute you.’ (Matt. 5:44) Since Jesus paid the price for all people’s sins, however terrible, and however many people are hurt by them, we cannot... read more

A Deliverance on Mount Everest

How a word from the Lord played its part in a dramatic rescue near the summit of Mt Everest I love it when the Lord prompts and nudges specifically! Will Neil, who leads The House of Bread retreat and conference centre in the Cotswolds, popped in to visit me a few... read more

Praying for men- especially in Brazil!

The other day I was thinking of making Paul’s longing in 1 Timothy 2:8 a specific prayer focus: I desire that in every place men should pray lifting holy hands without anger or quarrelling. I love comparing the text of whatever version I am reading of a Scripture with... read more