To think of someone is to pray

Jun 14, 2024 | INSIGHTS, READ

‘For a Carmelite, to think of someone is to pray for them.’ (Thérèse of Lisieux)

What a precious thought to reflect on and to put into practice! Both the implication that it is the Holy Spirit who brings people to our attention to pray for them – and the awareness that even our thoughts can count as prayers in the Lord’s sight. As I was reflecting on this, these words came to mind:

In the plethora of concerns I see and hear each day, Lord,
draw my attention to the particular people,
places and situations that You would have me focus on.
Guide me so that I may cherish, prize and pursue these in prayer:
the matters that matter to You because they matter to Your beloved ones.
Filter, sift, and screen out much else:
Your part, my part, in perfect partnership.

Whether consciously in fellowship,
or out of the corner of my eye,
alert and inform my spiritual senses
to remember those people, places and situations,
this hour, this day, this week,
whether in long term prayer or just in passing;
Your part, my part, in one accord.

Expand my heart in non-slip ways
to hold these ’someones’ and their situations near,
so that rather than out of sight being out of mind,
my prayers become a bridge for You to pass across:
breeches filled and markers placed whereby You rescue
straggling, struggling souls from swirling waters:
Your part, my part, to the glory and honour of Your name.

Photo by kyler trautner on Unsplash


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