Pray for Russia

More pointers for prayer concerning Russia’s war with Ukraine

When we heard recently, that major preparations were being made in Russia for an all-out bombing attack on Ukraine, we prayed that it would be hindered before it was even mounted. After all, the best time to attack a plane is when it is on a runway! As you will have... read more

Praying into the dynamics underlying current Russian intentions – not least the spiritual aspects involved

It is a new thing to be even considering considering spiritual factors with regard to the Russian leadership. It would certainly have been unthinkable in Soviet days, but there are reasons for doing so now – and it is important to pay attention to the shape that they... read more

Why it is important to keep praying for Russia

At this time of year my thoughts so often turn to Russia. Partly this has stemmed from a long-term awareness of what the Russian people go through as they endure the trials of the winter season, making me eager to pray for informed and fervent faith to rise up in the... read more

A new ideology is developing in Russia

Plagued though Russia currently is with high levels of coronavirus, something deeply significant is happening in Russia at the moment. In just a few days’ time, Russians will be going to polls, because President Putin is pressing ahead with a referendum that will give... read more

Reflections on the other nations mentioned in the 1911 prophecy

The 1911 prophecy I referred to in the article A twin pronged Call to Women to pray briefly mentioned a number of countries, rather as many of the oracles in the Old Testament frequently referred to Edom and Moab and so on. Concerning the nations specifically... read more