Reflections on the other nations mentioned in the 1911 prophecy

Nov 1, 2018 | INSIGHTS, Prayer Focus for the Nations, World Watch

The 1911 prophecy I referred to in the article A twin pronged Call to Women to pray briefly mentioned a number of countries, rather as many of the oracles in the Old Testament frequently referred to Edom and Moab and so on.

Concerning the nations specifically mentioned in this prophecy, Italy has certainly endured a great battering of natural disasters. We will each have our own interpretation and understanding of the measure of divine displeasure we are seeing worked out in nations such as Italy. In other words, is this part of the ‘general’ prophecy of Luke 21:9-11 (There will be great earthquakes, famines and pestilences in various places, and fearful events and great signs from heaven) or more specific judgements.*

With Italy following countries such as Hungary in showing signs of looking increasingly to Vladimir Putin, we can foresee a major change in the political face of Europe. Does this strike you as being something rather more sinister than the usual ‘to-ing and fro-ing’ between left and right leaning parties? I cannot keep from remembering the dreadful reality of all that happened through the rise of Hitler and Mussolini, nor the equally ruthless ultra-racist leadership of Japan.

The calls to prayer that we recorded and sent out for Italy predate the recent elections, which set the country on a path lurching to the right and hence less favourably inclined to the EU cause.

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Join us again in praying for the power of God to visit Italy – but also to protect other nations such as Poland, Austria and Hungary from the excesses that are all too often closely associated with the rise of the Far Right.

As to France, we have focused on the aggressive secularism in that country on previous occasions, but there are also many labouring to bring the presence of God right into the heart of the land, from the Alpha movement in Catholic churches to our friends the Madans, who spearhead missions to the French speaking world from their base in Nice.**

Germany, of course, was indeed divided in two but, this has now been put to rights and we have moved into a time beyond the 1911 prophecy. Nevertheless, it is surely right to pray vigorously that God will raise up a great and passionate work of faith within that land – not least for what happens when Angela Merkel, who is a Christian, steps down.

As to Russia and China destroying each other, and streams of believers finally emerging . . . it is nothing short of incredible what God is doing in China despite a resurgent clampdown against the church by President Xi, which we will report on another day. At the military and political level, however, it is no secret that these two countries have been converging in recent months more than at any time in the past, not least in holding joint military manoeuvres, effectively teaming up against the West.

The Lord led Derek Prince very specifically in the 1950s to pray against a communist hegemony such as would be created by these two nations coming fully together. Both nations are now acting on the international stage with increasingly brazen confidence, having greatly updated the capabilities of their armed forces. As we pray for the work of God to develop in both countries, this is also a matter to bring before the Lord in prayer.

The consequences are seismic, not least in the light of the prediction by a very high-ranking former US General, that that there is every chance of full scale war breaking out between China and the United States within 15 years. Amongst many other things, this means that Europe needs to get on with being able to defend itself – something which it is currently showing little sign of doing. . .

May the Lord watch over the way Russian, Chinese, EU and American policy evolves at this time: the stakes are very high.

*I wrote this just before the recent floods and tornadoes in Italy. Try typing ‘Floods Italy October 30th in Google and see what comes up).

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