A twin pronged call to pray

Nov 1, 2018 | INSIGHTS

You may well have come across this remarkable prophecy that was given in 1911, but this article provides background detail to the word – along with details of a somewhat similar one that was given in 1986 along similar lines. No prophecy can ever represent the full picture, of course, and these are not biblical prophecies, of course, but these are important words! Click here to read this ‘Call to the Praying Women who will save Britain.’

By the way, this reference to the significance of women praying in terms of saving Britain in no way lets men off the hook from praying. In no way does it deny the power that is released when their voice is heard on high! It simply reflects the Lord’s overview observation and perspective.

Many praying women have gone to be with the Lord; now it is our turn. May the Lord renew the spirit of prayer in our land, not least in raising up a vast company of praying women who will change the spiritual climate and direction of our nation – in the short term as we wrestle with issues associated with Brexit, but far beyond concerning the work of the Kingdom in our land.



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