The comfort of God that empowers us to move on beyond the therapeutic gospel

Our leaders have so many massive issues to face at this time, not least at an environmental level as Cop 26 gets under way in Glasgow from the 9th-19th November. It is so important that good decisions are taken, and vital progress be made for low lying lands, and... read more

Nuach and Eternal Rest

Nuach and Eternal Rest Ruach Breath of Life · Nuach – Eternal Rest Music: Robert Weston: Let Your Spirit come Improvisation on the hymn tune, ‘Immortal, invisible, God only wise.’ The time of resting will come. ‘The LORD your God will give [us] rest (nuach) by... read more

Nuach – Pilgrimage

Feast on this short meditation, that forms part of our series exploring the word ‘nuach’ – the deep, settled and empowering rest that the Lord sends. Why not listen to the piece right through first, and then try hitting the pause button for a while... read more

Passion for God that makes me take time to be with Him

In this talk that was recorded early in 2011, Robert encourages us to look for where we might find rest for our souls. So many people live in a state of debilitating chronic fatigue, and even many parts of the Church sometimes appears to be in danger of both... read more

My Presence will go with you

This piece refers to the Lord’s wonderful promise in Exodus 33:14:“Set your mind at rest — My presence will go with you.” The word rest here is NUACH in Hebrew: the deep soothing peace of the Lord. You’ve heard of ruach – now drink deeply of His nuach – a word that... read more