Kerry’s Kolumn

I love my daily shot of Oxydose: it boosts my haw moans of wellbeing! Hello everyone, I do hope you’re all enjoying this wonderful spring whether, and getting lots of Vitamin D for Dog. We’ve been having some really lovely wawks out in God’s great nay-cher. The really... read more

Let Your Presence Come

Some years ago at one of our recording events at the House of the Open Door, I woke with a snatch of music running in my head. I scribbled the music down over breakfast, and invited a talented violinist from the community to play the lead violin part. We pray it will... read more

Song of the Wind

The Song of the Wind marks my first sortie into the world of composition, as opposed to writing occasional songs. There’s quite a story behind it. It goes back to a trip we made to Shetland quite a few years after we left the island, We were staying at our old... read more