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May 8, 2015 | Kerry's Kolumn

I love my daily shot of Oxydose: it boosts my haw moans of wellbeing!

kerryinbackofcar2Hello everyone,
I do hope you’re all enjoying this wonderful spring whether, and getting lots of Vitamin D for Dog. We’ve been having some really lovely wawks out in God’s great nay-cher. The really strange thing, tho’, is that all the grass in the woods round here has turned blue!! I’ve no idea why, the si-ence programme didn’t mention that, but thin blue stalks have sprung up everywhere. They smell beautiful – almost as nice as my favourite fragrance: “eau de renard” – Fox poo. For some reason, I haven’t been able to convince Dad to have a go at rolling in that!

In between warks, I’ve been learning all abowt Si-ence! It’s very interesting: it proves what I’ve always thawt: – that when I look longingly and loving into my master and mistress’s eyes – and they do the same to me – it boosts our oxy-to-c-so levels. Oxy-something anyway. Oxymoron perhaps? No I remember, it’s oxy-toe-sin – which releases the haw-moan of love and wellbeing!

Some human or other compared the effect of our masters looking first into our eyes to and then into the eyes of wolves. I can’t think of many self-respecting humans who would want to do that! Even we would think twice about mixing it with wolves! Hardly surprisingly – wolves’ eyes don’t have half the impact ours do. The study doesn’t mention the dreaded spee-shees but I’m sure that cat’s eyes wouldn’t have that sort of effect on people’s oxy-toe-sin levels either. (I sometimes suspect Dad of being a kloset cat lover, but at least he has the decency not to mention the word in our presence.)

Hope you can think of ways to boost each other’s oxc-y-toe-sin levels too!

Loads of love from us both; Kelsey loves to c me riting these kolumns and sends every1 a grate big Wuf!

Kerry and Kelsey

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    Lovely! X

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