Kerry’s Kolumn

Kerry’s Kolumn – Dragons, Horn-nets and the Kalm Kontemplative Life

Hello I thort I’d send you an up-day-te from the Hills. Its been a bisy time this end. Only a few nites ago we had a dragon belching 4th fire in the sky. Onestlee! When I looked out of the Wyn-doe there was a great balloon say-ling past. Kelsey and I had never seen... read more

Kerry’s kolumn

Retrieve your inner STILL NESS with the help of a retriever Hello, I was a bit worried that you might have forgotton about me, so I wanted to right and let you no that I am doing okay despite the highly unpreDogtable whether we had earlier this win-ter. I’m a bit old... read more

Kerry’s Kolumn

I love my daily shot of Oxydose: it boosts my haw moans of wellbeing! Hello everyone, I do hope you’re all enjoying this wonderful spring whether, and getting lots of Vitamin D for Dog. We’ve been having some really lovely wawks out in God’s great nay-cher. The really... read more

Kerry’s Kolumn: Christmas as we sore it

Kerry’s Kolumn: Christmas as we sore it – starting with a fill-a-dell-fuss If there’s one thing I’m good at it’s digging. Dad describes me as a JCB on paws. For some reason he gets really cross when last year because I exc-er-va-ted some nice deep holes in the garden... read more

Do-Zing and Mum-ories

Kerry has kindly contributed some reflection on something she knows a great deal about: Do-Zing and Mum-ories I seem to do a lot of Do-Zing these days. Most people don’t do anything like enuf of it. It’s when I’m in a state do-zing that I get my best Mem-or-ies. I can... read more

A poorly Paw and a good Samaritan Act

A poorly Paw and a good Samaritan Act What a difference a week makes. Last Saturday I was up on the hills with the family plus a special friend of theirs. I was charging through the brambles and undergrowth in my usual way, when I managed to cut myself quite badly. My... read more