Holy Spirit

Holy Spirit, pray through me

Holy Spirit, think and pray through me, this and every day. Fill my heart and mind afresh with You. Set my heart free from the roar of competing voices and the surge of inner and outer pressures. Your voice is mighty, Lord, Yet with all my I cry out that Your people... read more

Clean Air: In the Flow of the Spirit

An offering on behalf of all you dear ones who are seeking to live in the flow of the Holy Spirit. This is part of a longer piece I wrote called ‘Clean Air’ for recorder, which Peter Richards skilfully reworked to add the lovely string accompaniment. This second... read more

Pray for Turkey

Turkey – home of so many of the great New Testament churches, but now with less than than 0.1% of the population being believers – a country in which the majority of provinces have no churches, no workers and no Christian witness of any sort. In all we share... read more