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Jul 22, 2016 | Flashpoints, Prayer Focus for the Nations

Turkey – home of so many of the great New Testament churches, but now with less than than 0.1% of the population being believers – a country in which the majority of provinces have no churches, no workers and no Christian witness of any sort.

In all we share here, there are major ramifications for us too in the West. Pray for the Holy Spirit to stir up such an unquenchable spiritual thirst in people that it will lead them to search for truth and then to find Jesus as their Lord and Saviour.

Despite massive prejudice against the faith, and all the present upheavals sweeping the country and the region, International Turkey Network (ITN) believe that God is initiating a spiritual awakening among the Turkish people, and even using the social and religious disorientation to do so.

ITN do not equate this awakening to traditional church revivalism, but rather to a nationwide spiritual awakening that transcends the organised church. In a country where it is not possible for people to evangelise openly, pray for the Lord to show fresh ways to tend and cultivate this awakening rather than traditional ministry approaches and methods.

Pray for a deep cleansing by the Holy Spirit amongst believers, and an expanded vision that sees beyond local churches to the overall well-being of Turkey, as well as a profound willingness to suffer for their faith.

Two minute Prayer cast for Turkey from Operation World

Three minute call to pray for Turkey:

P4T: English (Med) from PRAY4TURKEY on Vimeo.

For a biblical and historical overview of the central role of Turkey.


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  1. Steve

    Great to see the encouragements for Turkey – this region is pivotal (esp. for end times and The Lords return – wont go into too much detail here, as there is alot of it and will shake many to hear)

    YET – can I make a BIG request to have something clarified or retracted

    Evangelism, open evangelism is NOT, I repeat NOT forbidden or illegal in Turkey
    Whoever is saying this is simply not informed and has not experienced what we do ona weekly basis,
    From the article I quote “In a country where it is not possible for people to evangelise openly” – This is simply NOT true

    I and my colleagues have been involved in open street evangelism, preaching, distributing tracts, giving out bibles, praying with people, healing on the streets, music, concerts, drama on a regular basis (at least weekly) for 10 years or more

    Police and lawyers have no problem with what we are doing, we have asked and tested this, in the major centers as the Turkish constitution guaratees freedom of faith and freedom to present your faith. In fact, there is a legal condition that is better than UK and most european countries here. THat is it is an offense to prevent anyone from presenting their faith, ideology, or political orientation.

    All over the country (even in some of the dangerous bits) I have been involved public, open, direct evangelism – & it normaly has a positive effect ie a biblical one

    The major problem is so few believers (both Turks or foreingers) actually USE this freedom, due to their own fears & lack of training.

    There is much more detail I could give here, but the few of us see remarkable fruit from the outreach effforts and even involve short term teams in the work – so everyone reading this is more than welcome to see the marvelous opportunites that there are here – sure there are some tricky parts, but the overall constitution guarantees protection in this area.

    So to write at length on this, but we hear this misinformation often (noramlly from fear based sources), it gets a touch irritating, plays into satans hands & it is simply NOT true. THe Lord has created an environment here, where we can preach boldy the message of Jesus.
    eg. At least once a year my colleagues & I go to an open public festival and get to preach all day to tens of thousands of seeking folk muslims. Lots of positive response.

    Thanks for the time
    Please keep praying that this freedom reamins.
    Blessings in Jesus
    Steve Everett

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