Holy Spirit, pray through me

Jan 15, 2021 | INSIGHTS, PRAY

Holy Spirit, think and pray through me, this and every day.

Fill my heart and mind afresh with You.

Set my heart free from the roar of competing voices and the surge of inner and outer pressures.

Your voice is mighty, Lord,
Yet with all my I cry out that Your people may make room for Your still small voice,
and pray that You will lead us, one and all, in our pilgrimage with You.

For though we may be more in isolation as a result of this lockdown than we have ever been in our lives before,
we are on a pilgrimage of faith, hope and love, walking alongside many others,
and following in the path of those who have gone ahead.

So, pray through us, Holy Spirit, according to Your own wisdom and will,
May we have the confidence that comes from walking with you to rightly handle the Word of God,
trusting more in You than in our own understanding.

We have so much to learn, or relearn, and perhaps many things to unlearn too, so grant us humility and a willing eager heart.

Shine through us, Lord Jesus, that all may be done to the glory of God the Father.

Photo by Huper by Joshua Earle on Unsplash


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