Clean Air: In the Flow of the Spirit

May 11, 2017 | Audio-Visual Presentations

An offering on behalf of all you dear ones who are seeking to live in the flow of the Holy Spirit.

This is part of a longer piece I wrote called ‘Clean Air’ for recorder, which Peter Richards skilfully reworked to add the lovely string accompaniment.

This second movement traces the path of a stream from its source to the broad places that it reaches.

Rather as it takes time to enter deeply into the Lord’s presence, we would recommend listening to this piece more than once, to allow our spirits to steep in the beauty of the music and the moving pictures that Sally has so skilfully set it to. As we do so, let the Spirit bring any unresolved issues that He wishes to the surface so that we can hand them to Him and allow His peace to flow anew.

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  1. Ellie Woods

    Flow in the Spirit – what a cleansing and uplifting offering. May no silt remain in us. Just an increased capacity to receive a greater flow. Thanks be to God!
    Much grace, Ellie


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