Brother Andrew

Praying for our enemies

What a stunning challenge Jesus presents us with when He tells us to ‘Pray for your enemies, and to love those that persecute you.’ (Matt. 5:44) Since Jesus paid the price for all people’s sins, however terrible, and however many people are hurt by them, we cannot... read more

Storm signals are up 2: The Vortex spinning around Trump

Brother Andrew once warned succinctly and poignantly that there are only two kinds of Nations: those which say that ‘it’ (persecution, and the breakdown of law and order and the overthrow of democratic organs of government) can never happen here, and those that say,... read more

Brother Andrew’s expectations that God is going to move in North Korea

I recall Brother Andrew declaring two or three years ago that he expected things to change dramatically in North Korea. “Our prayers can go where we cannot. There are no borders, no prison walls, no doors that are closed to us when we pray.” North Korea may the... read more

Taking the step of Yes

God has used Brother Andrew so richly during sixty years of faithful ministry to persecuted Christians, originally in Communist lands and then on a wider stage. Open Doors are currently offering a free copy of God’s Smuggler, the brilliant book about the early years... read more

Prayer for North Korea

The world breathed something of a collective sigh of relief towards the end of August when North Korea expressed its regret for soldiers killed on the South Korean side of the divide by landmines planted by the warlike kingdom. North Korea had declared itself to be on... read more