Storm signals are up 2: The Vortex spinning around Trump

Dec 15, 2023 | READ

Brother Andrew once warned succinctly and poignantly that there are only two kinds of Nations: those which say that ‘it’ (persecution, and the breakdown of law and order and the overthrow of democratic organs of government) can never happen here, and those that say, ‘We thought it could never happen here.’

It is widely recognised that the last few years have posed profoundly dangerous threats to American democracy. In sounding these warnings of what a second Trump administration would look like, it is important to point out that we are not speaking only of predictions, but rather based on things he has already said and done (or that he has promised to do). Tragically, this includes separating young children from their parents on the Mexican border – a country which, as we have seen in the post above is already suffering great distress as a result of savage narco-drug wars. Women at War: Mexico – A story of murder, migration and the missing.

Donald Trump may not have singlehandedly created the vortex that is currently spiralling through American politics, but he has fanned it to an entirely new level of intensity. If Ezekiel were here today, i suspect that he would be sounding various warnings and encouraging us to play our tiny part in prayer at this juncture, just as many of us felt called to do prior to the 2020 elections, and then continuing on during the lead up to the January 6th insurrection. If Donald Trump had succeeded in illegally reversing proceedings in Congress on that fateful day, the ground lost would almost certainly never have been regained. And what does that say with regard to the future? Better to seek the Lord now than to regret at leisure!

At the Water’s Edge: The myth of America First / ‘It’s even worse than you think’

As we have mentioned before, as long ago as 2016, Pulitzer prize journalist David Cay Johnson was warning of the immense threat to American democracy that Donald Trump and his team posed. Trump’s niece, Mary Trump, a vigorous opponent of her uncle, observs how one particular Senator, Tommy Tuberville, has been systematically blocking all military nominations. She notes that, although America is sending a significant aircraft carrier strike force to the eastern Mediterranean to assist Israel (a nation to which the United States does not currently even have an ambassador!), the U.S. Navy currently lacks a Chief of Naval Operations.

Worse: 300 other senior military positions remain unfilled as a result of this man’s efforts. Ms. Trump believes that Senator Tuberville is banking on Donald Trump winning the 2024 election so that he can fill these vital vacancies with candidates who will support his own agenda.

High-ranking military officers and former Secretaries of State are complaining, but seem unlikely to be able to circumnavigate their way around these delaying tactics. These are anything but trivial matters, and should also be a matter for prayer.

This fits with the theme of this edition in which we are focusing on the Lord raising up Deliverers for the times we are passing through. When injustice is praise and paraded, we must pray for brave people to stand up. In the face of people like Vladimir Soloviev, a popular TV presenter and journalist, urging Russians to kill as many Ukrainians as possible, and declaring that to stop hostilities would be a betrayal, we find another well-known TV presenter, Marina Ovsyannikova, daring to oppose Putin’s war in full view of the nation. Her subsequent seven-car escape to freedom, just ahead of being sentenced to prison is a really astonishing story.

Just as Vladimir Putin remains popular amongst large swathes of the Russian people despite so much, most Republicans likewise like what Trump has done, and has declared that he is going to do even if they don’t particularly like his offbeat off the cuff remarks.They certainly consider him an inspring leader and, astonisgingly, an honest man. But what if he is setting forces in motion that will lead to disaster? Just look at the disaster that befell so many in Syria because of his unilateral decision to withdraw American forces. Russia was left free to pound and destroy so much and so many in the typically merciless way we ahve witnessed in previous conflicts in Chechnya and Georgia.The blood of the many dead and mutilated lives cry out; they are not of no less worth in God’s sight just because they happen to be ‘far away’ from us in the West.

Given that so few welcome the prospect of a Trump-Biden rematch, however, a cartoon of two millenialists looking at Trump and Biden squaring up in a boxing ring to each other perfectly captures this bizarre sitautuon, as one says to the other, “Why do they keep showing us reruns of a film we don’t want to watch?’

It is very a strange thought that were Nikki Haley to stand as the Republican candidate against Joe Biden, she would, by common accord, almost certainly win by a country mile – (even though she stands for traditional Republican values that followers of Donald Trump have increasingly discarded). In the opposite corner, to fantasise for a moment, were Michelle Obama to be induced to take up the baton and run for the Democrats, (in reality she is adamant that she won’t even contemplate the possibility) Trump would not stand a chance.

We will all be aware of Trump’s long expressed admiration for hardline dictators, even going so far in the early days of his presidency as to say that he trusted Putin more than he did his own security services. What more of a red flag could he have raised?

Something else to bear in mind in this regard: if the more savvy of his advisers do succeed in their efforts to urge him to tone him down from speaking out in such incendiary ways, this does not mean for one second that his heart has changed, or that he will not seek to act in such ways, having packed his Cabinet with extremist sycophants, like Steve Bannon. Even the habitually mendacious Tucker Carlson is said to be on Trump’s short list.

Everything we wrote in the Bridge of Truth series stands opposed to such lack of integrity and veracity – and to bear out the description of the fictious Prime Minister that Jim Hacker served under in ‘Yes Minister’ when he said that his slogan was ‘In Defeat, Malice: in Victory, Revenge.’ Here was a comedy programme that all too often felt like text book reality of the ins and outs of political life – and we should by no means ignore the fact that Trump has spoken far far more about retribution than about restoration. The truth is hiding in plain sight.

We are dealing here with a dangerous blindness and deception – not least in the apparent willingness of so many Americans to sleepwalk towards accepting a dictatorship. It is not often I find myself agreeing on anything with the nihilist Friedrich Nietzsche, but I can understand what he meant he spoke of insanity coming upon groups, nations and epochs when enough people follow a certain overwrought echo-chamber mentality that promotes a warped perspective on reality, and on the proposed treatment of those who oppose such views. This is so important for many nations far beyond the American borders.

May the Lord show His mercy – not least because a second-term President is always potentially far more dangerous because he does not have to concern himself with the prospect of being re-elected after four years – especially if he chooses not to make way after that period for another. See Trump’s campaign is growing nervous about his behavior |

Even though we are close to Christmas now, and the temptation might be to leave such ‘heavy duty’ matters on one side in favour of having a holiday, it is important to remember that really significant things are happening right now behind the scenes that will vitally influence what happens in the 2024 elections – just as many people in need are in need of rescuing right now. It is by no means irreconcilable for us to do both. We are often far more elastic than we realise if we are just prepared to push a bit harder.

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