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Sep 25, 2015 | Events to pray for

God has used Brother Andrew so richly during sixty years of faithful ministry to persecuted Christians, originally in Communist lands and then on a wider stage. Open Doors are currently offering a free copy of God’s Smuggler, the brilliant book about the early years of his ministry. God meets with people through this book! We would highly commend it if you have not read it, or not read it for a long time – or can think of others you might wish to pass it on to in order to introduce them to the suffering church.

We would like to encourage people to attend the sixtieth anniversary of Brother Andrew’s ministry.

Open Doors are organising this event at The International Convention Centre, Birmingham on November 14th to commemorate the 60th anniversary of Brother Andrew’s mission to supply, assist and encourage the Church in Communist lands. Do let your youth and prayer groups know about it!

Click here for more details and to book tickets.

Open doors 60th


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