The renewed consequences of Brexit and increasing tension across Europe

Those of you who have been praying about resolving the present Irish question – which means reducing the crippling red tape currently involved in importing items into Northern Ireland – will quickly realise that the tensions between Britain, France and the rest of the... read more

Prayer Watch Post Brexit Negotiations, the EU, the US and the Middle East

From the welcome extended to Ursula von der Leyen, the new President of the EU, in her recent visit to this country, it would be nice to feel that the new administration in Europe may prove somewhat more comfortable to deal with than the previous one. If so we can... read more

Once more the rocket launcher failed to fire . . .

With so called ‘Super Saturday’ in Parliament (19-10-19) proving to be more like a ‘Damp Squib’ I am reminded of the vision an elder’s wife in Malvern had the best part of a year ago. She saw a rocket launcher all primed and ready to fire its salvos of missiles... read more

Is God still in the House?

Is God still in the House? **Since publishing this article we have had a substantial amount of feedback – mainly very positive, but some as the result of people reading their own understanding into it. For the avoidance of doubt, please note that I am not making a... read more

Brexit Matters (2)

A prayer for our times Father, in both Parliament and our national outlook, we have reached new depths of self-absorption and unhealthy insularity. Forgive us that we are trading insults between political Parties and even within the same Party instead of nurturing... read more