Brexit Matters (2)

Sep 12, 2019 | Flashpoints, INSIGHTS, Prayer Focus for the Nations

A prayer for our times

Father, in both Parliament and our national outlook, we have reached new depths of self-absorption and unhealthy insularity.

Forgive us that we are trading insults between political Parties and even within the same Party instead of nurturing goodwill between brothers and sisters and cooperation between nations.

Lord have mercy and send Your power. Thank You that You are still hearing the prayers and heart cry of many people who work within the Houses of Parliament, as well as the combined voices of many who are concerned all around the world. May issues and concerns that matter greatly to You not to be left to one side as a result of over emphasis on the Brexit process.

We are losing sight of what You are doing around the world and what needs to be done. Thank You for small but precious encouragements like the recent prisoner swap of Russians and Ukrainians; we pray that You will use this to ease tensions in the terrible sufferings and deprivations that are afflicting war torn Eastern Ukraine.

Raise up those with skills of God-given diplomacy and who are gifted in communicating their love of You to others – and quieten the rhetoric of belligerence that glorifies the ‘god of fortresses.’ (Dan. 11:38)

Focus hearts and minds to devote real effort in responding to matters relating to the impact of climate change: commitment and legislation working in tandem to pave the way for crucial solutions for protecting our earthly home. Raise up and protect those who have a key roles to play in these arenas.

May people see beyond the bombast of puffed up egos to recognise the real dangers that are developing in Europe: the dangers of the Far right in countries such as Italy, and Poland, linked as it so often is with the rise of anti Semitism: forces that splinter on the one hand and the powers at work to over centralise on the other.

Raise up Your Church to see, feel and speak with Your voice. Protect and prosper Your prophets and pioneers; keep from deception and distraction: from watering down on the one hand and over control on the other.

Right around the world today we pray that You will draw close to strengthen and protect those who are paying the cost for the stand they are taking for the sake of righteousness. In the name of Jesus, Mighty Warrior and Prince of Peace. Amen.


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