Raise up a holy nation – A Hymn for our Times

Sep 12, 2019 | INSIGHTS

Many today remember GK Chesterton primarily for his Father Brown detective stories, but he was a great apologist for the faith, and in many ways a forerunner and inspiration for CS Lewis. The words of O God of earth and altar date from a different epoch to our own and may therefore sound somewhat antiquated, but their sentiment and passion are timeless, and  utterly relevant for a nation where so many of our earthly rulers are faltering badly. May the Lord indeed raise up a living nation aflame with faith and free in Christ!

Bless Megan Topper (nee Mellamphy) and David Booth who sang and played this beautiful version for us.

You can follow Chesterton’s original words on the left below, with my slightly updated version on the right.

For a brief insight into the life of GK Chesterton see chesterton.org/apologetics

Christianity Today also ran an article about him: G. K. Chesterton”Enormous” Essayist, poet, writer.


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