Once more the rocket launcher failed to fire . . .

Oct 22, 2019 | INSIGHTS

With so called ‘Super Saturday’ in Parliament (19-10-19) proving to be more like a ‘Damp Squib’ I am reminded of the vision an elder’s wife in Malvern had the best part of a year ago. She saw a rocket launcher all primed and ready to fire its salvos of missiles – but when the time came for action, every single rocket jammed. A damp squib indeed!

That image has come back to mind on several occasions in the course of this past year as attempt after attempt fails to get various deals past a decidedly Brexit-shy Parliament.

We might well ask therefore, is it the Lord who is preventing the rockets from launching – or just MPs? There are at least three possible answers to that question:

  • Brexit is simply an unhelpful distraction which the Lord is taking good care to ensure will never happen. (Cheers and Hurrah say virtually every Remainer in the country!)
  • The possibility that we are looking here at these things being more God’s delays than His denials.
  • The current exit plan is actually nowhere near as radical as it would need to be to consitute a genuine break from the EU. By this reckoning, Boris’ efforts in this latest round of negotiating might more nearly reflect the ‘Esau spirit’ that Veronika West has been warning of (trying to ‘sell the birth right of the nation’ for too little). In other words, hemmed in by his own times deadlines Boris has become so desperate to fulfil his own commitment to get things done promptly, that he did not actually achieve the basis for a proper Brexit.

I would like to explore this latter possibility a bit more. Those who are concerned about the emergence of a centralist European super-state, will find their concerns confirmed in this article from the Bruges group, which offers an important analysis of certain vital aspects that are inherent in the new deal.

If you then link those concerns to Keir Starmer’s equally valid concerns about the effects this deal would have on just-in-time manufacturing outfits, (notwithstanding that Keir is coming at this matters from an entirely different standpoint from either Boris Johnson or the Bruges group) then we might very well find other layers of reasons to be grateful for the delay – and for celebrating that the Lord is ‘jamming the rocket launcher.’

Outright Brexiteers would presumably be grateful that the Lord is not permitting quick, easy or ‘half way only’ solutions. In her very direct way, the popular journalist Melanie Phillips endorses this point of view: See this article and this article too.

What then of the many prophetic voices raised on this issue? We have no first hand experience of the accuracy or otherwise of prophetesses Emma Stark or Veronika West, who are two of the foremost voices being heard on this subject. All we can do here, therefore, is to invite everyone to test for themselves before the throne of God these words that Veronika believed she received some months ago.

“There will be those who will relentlessly oppose [Boris] both to the right and to the left.  Many will work tirelessly to cause great embarrassment for Prime Minister Boris Johnson both in front of Her Majesty the Queen and the nation.

But watch! There will come a sudden and severe shift once again in the nation and the government where we will see the hand of God’s divine intervention moving on behalf of our nation and for Boris Johnson and his government.”

Veronika also stated some time ago that there will be delays in the Brexit process, and that these are more a question of God overruling rather than a sign that it should never happen.

Time and prayer will tell whether this is nothing more than ‘wish fulfilment’ on Veronika’s part or whether she is indeed seeing straight to the heart of something that the Lord very much wants and intends to do.

It is worth bearing this in mind, however, that end times matters are going to happen whether Britain is in or out of the EU. Turbulence is not going to cease for the forseeable future. The following is a useful update from the Institute for Government to help us make sense of where we are up to (or where we were when I wrote this anyway!) and to stress the troubled course that Boris’ deal is looking set to travel in this coming week.

To give thanks and to trust the Lord now is therefore essential whatever stance we may hold personally on these matters.

Give glory to God

The outcome of Damp Squib Saturday alternately shocked, shamed or delighted multitudes depending on their perspective. It was, in fact, entirely predictable once Oliver Letwin had tabled his amendment – as was John Bercow’s refusal to let Boris vote again on the proposal, given his long stated commitment to do his utmost to prevent Brexit from every becoming a reality.

In the aftermath, we would like rerelease a precious Soundcloud that Ros and I recorded some time ago based on some words from Jeremiah. Considering the weight of the subject matter here, you may be surprised by the exuberant and glorious music by Montiverdi that accompanies it, but, no matter how dark circumstances may feel around us, we are called and appointed to give God glory. Where there is judgement, it is because He desires to realign us to His righteousness and mercy. Our Lord is glorious, and we desire to give Him glory. And as we do so, may He extend His hand of mercy over the land.


  1. Robert

    I suspect Jesus, and John the Baptist, if did those feet in ancient times, walk upon England’s green and pleasant land, would be referring to Boris as a “fox” and rebuking him for his private life which is reminiscent of Herod’s! They wouldn’t be preoccupied with Herodian politics, but with the kingdom of heaven…

    • ruachmin

      Thanks for sending those thoughts Robert. We would agree with you that the Lord is very aware of the many lies that Boris Johnson has told, not just now in this campaign but over many years. I have a feeling He is responding to them and is shaking things down and around before a general election happens. He is not fooled – and the Spirit of Truth in these days of so much spin and falsehood is so important.

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