Turn this situation around, Lord!

Oct 22, 2019 | INSIGHTS

There may be times in our lives when things feel not only stalled but deeply threatening. At a time when we were facing three sets of tricky predicaments a couple of years ago I wrote this as a prayer for the Lord to turn these situations around.

Some of you may find it helpful for your immediate circumstances – but all of us can surely adapt it on behalf of many ‘stalled’ and threatening states of affair that we may be aware of around the world. Let the Lord bring many such examples to mind, be they for individuals, families, communities or nations.

Blessed indeed are those who place their trust in You, Lord:
they will be successful in their quest.
But there is a contest going on – and it is steep, sharp and very intense.
A well drilled enemy has set himself up
to thwart and stall each step along the way.
O Lord of Heaven’s armies do not abandon us now!

Thank You that You have given us the tools to tussle
in the cross hairs of this struggle with unseen foes.
wrest the initiative against these unseemly blockages.
Prescribe the limits of the one who balks and blocks,
defuse his threats and proscribe his wicked working,
as we stand in faith to turn this situation round.


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