The renewed consequences of Brexit and increasing tension across Europe

Oct 15, 2021 | Flashpoints, PRAY

Those of you who have been praying about resolving the present Irish question – which means reducing the crippling red tape currently involved in importing items into Northern Ireland – will quickly realise that the tensions between Britain, France and the rest of the EU have been exercising a downward gravitational pull in that respect. The major ‘olive branch’ the EU have just offered would involve a most encouraging 80 per cent reduction in the crippling checks that are currently in force for anyone importing agri-food products into Northern Ireland from the rest of the UK. As I understand it, that would basically make it more like requiring one certificate per lorry instead of one certificate per item.

Great! Except that the European Court of Justice would then continue to be the Supreme Court of Justice for Northern Ireland, which was one of the main reasons why those who supported Brexit reckoned that it needed to be taken out of the equation . . .

Let’s remember in prayer Lord Frost and this next round of vital negotiations for Northern Ireland.

We would also encourage you, if you have the stomach to do so, to bring to the Lord the many uncomfortable trends that are developing across Europe. There is high tension between Europe and Turkey, Russian troops are now well and truly ensconced in Belarus, and Poland, Hungary, and the Czech Republic have all been moving uncomfortably far to the right and forming their own alliances, as well as playing increasingly hard ball with Brussels – a stance which poses great difficulties for the EU, who do not want a ‘Pole-exit’ in the wake of ‘Brexit.’ There is very much to pray for here!

Very much to bear in mind and to pray for!

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  1. John

    From an EU perspective, they reluctantly offered to let the UK police their border in Northern Ireland. A generous offer to solve a problem we created with Brexit.
    The UK accepted and signed the deal, but made scant effort to keep it.

    Now we are saying there are bits we didn’t bother to read, bits we didn’t understand and didn’t bother to study and lastly there are bits we did understand, but had no intention of keeping. Going on to demand that they then let the UK courts rule on EU law is somewhere between preposterous and provocative.

    If the EU are looking irritated and questioning if there is any basis for negotiation, it is hardly surprising.

    Plenty of scope for prayer, then.

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