Prayer Watch Post Brexit Negotiations, the EU, the US and the Middle East

Jan 10, 2020 | Prayer Focus for the Nations

From the welcome extended to Ursula von der Leyen, the new President of the EU, in her recent visit to this country, it would be nice to feel that the new administration in Europe may prove somewhat more comfortable to deal with than the previous one. If so we can certainly be grateful, but that of itself cannot disguise the fact that there remain real differences and distance between the two sides . . . and a real shortage of time in which to set up complex trading agreements.

Father we pray that you will be Lord of the spirit in which negotiations are conducted, and that people can come up with solutions that minimise the damage done to people at risk – not least the farming and fishing communities – and which maximize whatever blessings may be possible as a result of new opportunities.

May nothing derail or divert into dead end sidings and may there be no serious majoring on minors!

It is going to be important that Britain and the EU continue to collaborate closely together in the face of many challenges, not least especially the events now unfolding in the Middle East.

In the immediate aftermath of the strike on American air bases, the Foreign Minister of Iran appeared to imply that it was ‘quids in’ and that this would be the limit of Iranian intervention. Significantly, the missiles had been carefully programmed to target American enclosures and even hangars storing aircraft parts, but left the lives of service personnel unharmed, thereby avoiding automatic retaliation from the USA. (This itself is an impressive indication of the sophistication of Iranian military capability, as we also saw in the drone attack that destroyed such a high percentage of the Saudi oil industry).

The Ayatollah, who far outranks the Foreign Minister, has however indicated that he is not content to leave matters at this. With millions fervently chanting ‘D**th to America,’ and no direct diplomatic channels open between the two nations, it is essential that we remain watchful and prayerful.

Lord God, King of Kings, please keep this constant stream of curses being uttered from becoming a vessel and a vehicle on which enemy powers ride in against the nations. Instead, Lord, we pray Your blessing over the land of Iran and the countries most immediately in the sphere of Iranian influence: The Yemen, the Lebanon, Syria and Iraq.

Father, move in power upon all the key players in this ongoing tension so that leaders think and act wisely, rather than being swept up into the maelstrom now that we will be less formally ‘joined at the hip.’ In Jesus’ name


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