When we turned to Christ for the first time we came to understand that there is a radiant light way beyond anything that we had ever known, greater even than the sun, for that can only be with us for some many hours in the day. Jesus truly is the Light of the world, and as we follow His light we hear Him make the astonishing claim that we too are called to be light to the world. (Matt. 5:14)

In this edition, we are offering a meditation on the precious theme of being and bearing Christ’s light to the nations. The words Ros and I read are accompanied by truly exquisite music, beginning with extracts from the first movement of Mahler’s lovely fourth symphony, sensitively arranged for string quartet, and played by Grace and Jonathan Lee, Catherine Muncey and Corinne Frost.

The piece climaxes with Handel’s exquisite Eternal Source of Light, in which Anthony Thompson on trumpet and Grace Lee on her violin wheel in wonderful arcs of musical light. This was the piece of music that inspired me to compose this meditation. May your spirit soar as you listen and reflect, on the Kingdom of Light to which we already belong by faith in Christ. (Col. 1:12)

You are the fountain of life, and in Your light, we see light. (Ps. 36:9)
Let the unfolding of Your word bring understanding
and may we take it right down into our deepest being. (Ps. 119:130)
Enfold us in our heavenly home.
Enable us to interpret the things we see and sense
in the light of Your heavenly kingdom.

Lord, of ourselves we are often neither wise nor gracious,
any more than Abraham was when You chose and befriended him.
But You called and he listened;
You promised and he believed.
You beckoned and he followed,
And through him would one day come the Light for all nations.

Lord, As You called Abraham, so You have called and chosen us.
You tell us that we too are the light of the world. (Matt. 5:14)

We are Your servants, the offspring of Abraham Your friends: be gracious to us, we pray.
We long for You.
Be our strength every morning, our salvation in time of distress.
We yearn for You in the night;
in the morning our spirit longs for you. (Is. 41:8, 26:9, 33:2)

Jesus, whatever our outward status or stature,
make us torches and light bearers for You,
as we build up our faith, and pray in the Holy Spirit (Jude 20).

Eternal God, You led Your ancient people into freedom, by a pillar of cloud by day, and a pillar of fire by night: grant that we who walk in the light of Your presence, may rejoice in that same freedom, and be led from day to day by Your Spirit. For as many as are led by Your Spirit are children of God (Rom.8:14).

May our presence be a lamp that brings the oil of Your presence
to those who are groping in the dark –
especially those who are in any way deprived of light:
whether through physical or spiritual blindness; (2 Cor. 4:4)
those struggling in body or mind
the highly vulnerable, the cruelly oppressed
and those held captive through abuse or prison.

Be the uplighter in our meetings and our places of work, our homes and lives;
may our lamps neither flicker nor fade
but burn brightly until the very end.

Jesus, Your saints have been lights in the world through every generation: now may we who follow in their footsteps be worthy to enter with them into that heavenly Kingdom where You live and reign.

Send us out to spread Your light and to redeem dark places,
sanctifying them with the unalloyed radiance of the Light of the World.

Blessed are all who have learned to acclaim You,
and to walk in the light of Your presence. (Ps 89:15)
Let Your glory rise upon Your people! (Is. 60:2 NLT)

Present us at last without fault and with great joy before Your throne, there to dwell with You forever, shining like the stars and reflecting the glory of the Bright Morning Star.

For there we will see Your face and serve before You. There we will have no need of light or lamp or sun, for You Yourself will be our light, and we will reign with You for ever.

To You, the only God and Saviour be might, majesty, glory, dominion and power, both now and forevermore! (Rev. 22:16, 2 Pet. 1:19; Jude 24-25; Rev. 22:3-5)



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