The Lord Who made all things

Nov 20, 2014 | Audio-Visual Presentations

At a time when there is so much emphasis on how evolution explains everything, it is precious to remind ourselves that it is the Lord who creates and holds everything together. This presentation is mostly taken from Chapter 43 of the book of Ecclesiasticus. Also known as the book of Sirach, this book is is included in Catholic and Orthodox versions of the Bible. We are publishing a series of presentations taken from it to brings its teaching to people who may not be familiar with it. This passage reminds us of the primacy of the Lord God of Hosts, and His work in creation.

The powerful music is by Linda Entwistle, and the picture display by Sally Mowbray. As with so many of our presentations, the words music and photographs are too rich to fully absorb at one showing!


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  1. Robert Askey

    Beautiful. Lovely. So inspiring, on a dark day when I feel miserable with a cold and we have a long journey to make today. Bless you. Bob (and Ruth)

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