Cyberwarfare: Did North Korea hack Sony Pictures? If it did, what are the implications?

Dec 5, 2014 | Cyber Warfare, Flashpoints

“I believe the coordinated cyberattack with destructive payloads against a corporation in the US represents a watershed event . . . Geopolitics now serve as harbingers for destructive cyberattacks.” Tom Kellermann, Chief Cybersecurity Officer with security software maker Trend Micro Inc,

Most of you will be aware that Sony Pictures has experienced a major act of cyber espionage, which has exposed a film due to be released that makes fun of the North Korean leader. Other films have also been compromised along with full details of thousands of employees. Was North Korea involved? Kim Jong-Un is certainly a passionate watcher of American films and absolutely hates this film. He has actually declared that it constitutes an act of war and has threatened merciless reprisals.    (This article explains how North Korea has made more cyberattacks on US military systems than any other country, including Russia and China)

The damage to Sony’s box office receipts through this hacking is small fry in comparison with the damage that could be caused in terms of interrupting and even bringing down national infrastructures through the use of such sophisticated cyber weaponry. We have continually flagged the matter of cyber warfare up as being of top level importance for prayer. One thing is for sure: this is most unlikely to be the last high level act of hacking that we will hear about. We still need code breakers who can protect computer systems and defuse the cyber equivalent of Enigma machines!
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