Even though the real action is now out in the eastern side of the country, where the terms of successive ceasefire terms are being flagrantly ignored by both sides, why not use this dramatic presentation of earlier events in Maidan Square as a starter for prayer for Ukraine? Hundreds of thousands have either fled into Russia or are cowering for their lives.

Fergal Keane sent out a powerful report on the BBC news recently. Entitled ‘The ceasefire in Ukraine is an illusion’ the images really bring the reality of the conflict home. Do click on the button at the bottom left on the BBC website: Read more: “Ukraine, Russia and the ceasefire that never was” and watch the videos there too.

UCB have published this short report from The World Prayer Centre sharing the perspective they believe the Lord gave them concerning the situation in Ukraine, focusing in particular on President Putin’s role in it.

Please see our earlier article.


Many of you will be aware that the recent elections in Moldova have left this small landlocked country deeply divided between wanting to revert to Russia on the one hand, and to look to the European Union on the other.
Can we urge you to join the prayer movement for Moldova by clicking on this short prayercast for Moldova.

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