Mission Africa Prayer Card

Nov 20, 2014 | Mission Africa

Following Terry Charlton`s major recent operation, we felt it right to make a Prayer Card to facilitate regular prayer both for him, and for the work of Mission Africa.

Here is the new Mission Africa Prayer Card

tcWe mentioned lin the last edition that the operation to remove his prostate cancer was unfortunately not entirely successful and that an aggressive cancer has now spread beyond the prostate wall. This is a call to urgent prayer.

His wife, Carol, tells me that Terry woke a few weeks ago in the early hours of the morning and heard the words being sung to him, `I AM the Lord who healeth thee` going round in his head – and then it was as though a whole choir was singing. How precious is that? Very! But we need to pray the victory through to completion, not least because the cancer is in a very difficult place for radio therapy. . .

Here again is a link to the testimony of Terry’s powerful ministry and the work of Mission Africa that he gave in October 2012. You can find it at the top of the Mission Africa page on our website.


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