Watchmen for Russia

Russia and the Ukraine

“At this moment the world is in crisis.” (Eugene Peterson’s rendering of John 12:31 in The Message) I have so often found that it is while I am away on retreat that something of major international significance crops up that requires focused prayer. I was out of touch... read more

Reaching Russia for Christ

We have been considering the whole situation with regard to Russia and Ukraine from various angles, but our focus in this article is to pray for more and more people in this great land to come to know the Lord Jesus. There are many grounds for concern for what is... read more

Reaching Russia for Christ

We have had a good look at the Russian crisis – let’s have a look now at the opportunities and pray for this great land to be touched from one end to the other by the love of God. People say that it is hard for Russians to believe – but how wonderful it is... read more