Reaching Russia for Christ

May 16, 2014 | General

We have been considering the whole situation with regard to Russia and Ukraine from various angles, but our focus in this article is to pray for more and more people in this great land to come to know the Lord Jesus.

There are many grounds for concern for what is happening in Russia. I have felt very concerned watching the incredibly biased reporting Russian television was broadcasting. Now, according to The Week, Vladimir Putin has secretly awarded medals of the “Order of Service to the Fatherland” to more than three hundred journalists for their “objective coverage” of the crisis! See also: Church in Russia liquidated

People say that it is hard for Russians to come to faith – but how wonderful it is when they come to know and love Jesus. I have told the story before of how, to my surprise, I found myself, in Norway, amongst a group of forty Russians who were working as loggers in a camp. All but two had magnificently come to faith in the past couple of years. They were just on fire for Him! It was so precious to see the fruit of years of prayer for the Russian people. May there be many more to come! Let’s take the Russian people, in all their ethnic complexity, ever deeper into our hearts at this time when they are under such concerted pressure from the propaganda they are being fed.

Jesus, raise up a people for Your own possession right across every ethnic divide in Russia, from one end to the other. Be glorified we pray. Keep people from spirits of pride and violence that would impose themselves on the soul of the nation at this time. Work so deeply in the hearts of many that there will be a great missionary thrust from Russia to the ends of the earth. In Jesus’ name, Amen!


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