Reaching Russia for Christ

Apr 9, 2014 | INSIGHTS

We have had a good look at the Russian crisis – let’s have a look now at the opportunities and pray for this great land to be touched from one end to the other by the love of God.

People say that it is hard for Russians to believe – but how wonderful it is when they come to Christ. I have told the story before of how, when ministering in Norway some years ago, I found myself (much to my surprise!) in the middle of a forest with a group of forty Russians who were working as loggers in a camp. All but two had magnificently come to faith in the past couple of years. They were just on fire for the Lord! It was so precious to see the fruit of years of prayer for the Russian people. May there be more – and let’s take the people of Russia, in all their ethnic complexity, ever deeper into our hearts . . .

I thought this was a precious ‘starter’ clip. Hope you agree!

There are grounds for concern, however, in the status of evangelical Christians in Russia.

See this link ‘Church in Russia Liquidated as Authorities Target Christian-run Projects’


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