Do-Zing and Mum-ories

Apr 9, 2014 | Kerry's Kolumn

Kerry has kindly contributed some reflection on something she knows a great deal about: Do-Zing and Mum-ories

I seem to do a lot of Do-Zing these days. Most people don’t do anything like enuf of it. It’s when I’m in a state do-zing that I get my best Mem-or-ies. I can remember all about my Puppy-Hood in Ireland, running along the beaches of Enniskillen. I wonder if I’ll ever go back there? People say I’ve lost my Irish accent. I’ve got lots of Mum-o-ries; but unfortunately no Dad-o-ries. Sadly I don’t think I ever knew who he was. I hope that he was ‘a good un’ and was a friendly old chap. Perhaps that’s why I always love ‘giving myself’ to people when they come to visit our home. I can feel it in my doggy soul when someone is down-hearted, or lonely – I just have to cuddle up closely and and bring them peace. I have heard it say I am giving ‘ Kerry’s Comfort’ and  that makes me happy – maybe its in my ‘jeans’.

Kelsey and I are always making Mem-ories together of course. We’re always up to something. We go out on patrol in the garden together most days to make sure that none of those Fee-lines dare to show their whiskers. Sum dogs like katz, but we definitely don’t. I hope that isn’t a sing?

Even when I’m busy do-zing, I’m still able to give myself to Mum. She’s been  crazily busy time at the moment, flying out of the door at ‘silly o’clock’ on a contraption they call a ‘bi-sigh-cul’ and then stuck to something else all day that they call a ‘com- poo-ta’ – for far too many hours. She needs to take a ‘leaf out of our book’.  Except that recently I took a few leaves out of one their old books: ‘Daily Light’, and I got told off. I don’t know why, I was only trying to read it because they read it every day, so I thought it must be important. Doesn’t it say somewhere that you should eat the Word of God because it is sweet to the taste? Well that is what I was trying to do!!

We’ll pray for you as we Do-Ze. Much love from our so-fars.

Kerry and Kelsey


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