The Turkish-Syrian Crisis

Once more the crisis in Syria has come to the fore. Nothing but Turkish resolve could have prevented Assad’s forces, with massive support from Russia’s air superiority, from decimating still more the multitudes who had taken refuge as a last refuge in Idlib province,... read more


Image: Flickr Image under CC/Jordi Bernabeu Farrús The whole world has been watching in grief at the horror that has been engulfing Aleppo for so many months. It is for that very reason, therefore, that we are releasing a powerful piece of music that Geth Griffith... read more

Syria, Northern Thunder, and much further down the line: an Overview – Part 1

After so many years of civil war in Syria, it would be easy just to conclude that the problems are simply intractable and to all but abandon any attempt to make sense of it. Understandably, world media has currently been focusing on specifics like the catastrophic... read more

The Courage to Stay – An Appeal from Open Doors to help Syrian Christians

Open Doors Appeal on behalf of Syrian Christians At a time when international attention is firmly fixed on Syria, our church family in this nation need our prayers. Pastor Edward from Damascus, says: “It is nowadays hard to find a safe place. Shells come down... read more

On the Wider Front – A Summary of Pointers for Prayer

ShareSome of the Complexities involved in bombing Syria A friend of mine is strongly aware that what happened in Paris has had the effect of releasing a spirit of militancy across much of the world. Russia in Syria; France lurching to the far right in its regional... read more