The Courage to Stay – An Appeal from Open Doors to help Syrian Christians

Jan 26, 2016 | Flashpoints

Open Doors Appeal on behalf of Syrian Christians

At a time when international attention is firmly fixed on Syria, our church family in this nation need our prayers. Pastor Edward from Damascus, says: “It is nowadays hard to find a safe place. Shells come down every day. Every other day we hear of people being injured or killed.”

And yet, brave believers like him are choosing to stay in Syria. Pastor Samuel*, one of our partners from Aleppo, says:

“Since the first day of the conflict I was tempted to leave, but what about the people of my congregation? Especially now when so many young people leave the city? Who will be with them, pray with them, and who will care for the sick?

“The love of Christ is urging me, and giving me courage to stay. Loving Christ means loving people. It is not easy, but my goal is to serve the people.”

Please Pray:

  • For wisdom for global leaders as they respond to the crisis in Syria, especially as both Russia and the US are increasing their military presence and activities in the region.
  • God’s comfort for the people of Syria
  • For wisdom for global leaders as they respond to the crisis in Syria
  • That God will supernaturally meet the needs of His people, and that the church will continue to shine as a light in the darkness
  • For special strength, provision and protection for leaders like Pastor Edward and Pastor Samuel as they work to serve the people of Syria.

Responding to ‘Islamic State’

Even in the face of the fiercest attacks, the church in Syria has continued to stand. Robert, the Open Doors co-ordinator for Syria and Iraq, says:

“We observe a new development best described as an ‘internally displaced church’. Every now and then we discover complete parishes adrift. Islamic State confiscated their church building, demolished their valuables, and burned their Bibles.

“Despite this, the priest and his deacons continue holding services. Functions are fulfilled and prayers ascend to God. All tangible elements of the church have disappeared, yet the church as the Body of Christ still functions.”

The church is a vital lifeline for thousands of people in Syria. Pastor Samuel says: “If we did not help the suffering families who have no income, how would they survive?
Who would help if the church doesn’t help?”

Open Doors is providing food and other essential items to almost 10,000 families – around 50,000 people – every month through local partners like Pastor Samuel. This is only possible thanks to the faithful prayers and generosity of people like you. A gift of £71 today can provide an emergency food parcel to feed a family of five in Syria for a month.

*(name changed)


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