Jesus and governmental Injustice

When we consider just how many around the world are the butt of cruelties of so many kinds and the victims of grave injustice, how can we not grieve and pray for these myriad hurting souls? The Lord has different responses for different situations, but this article by... read more

Jesus, lover of my soul,

The morning service on Radio 4 this week, devoted especially for Paris, ended with this wonderful hymn by Charles Wesley. Linda Entwistle wrote a lovely version of this some years ago, which we recorded live on our Connections CD, along with a fascinating explanation... read more

Come apart, My holy Bride

Lord, I’ve been working so hard for you, longing just to play my part, striding out beneath your banner to portray Your heart to many souls. But I need time out from the maul, to pause and heed Your call. Come apart, My holy bride, come apart and bide awhile in Me.... read more