ISIS Unveiled

Although Boko Haram is actually responsible for more deaths each year even than Islamic State, this article is my best attempt so far to understand the whole phenomenon of what motivates and undergirds ISIS. These basic facts do not make for pretty reading, but there... read more

Reaching the Muslim World: The Wider Picture

Reaching the Muslim World – The Wider Picture No one person has the whole take on what is going on at this time, but before we turn to the two main articles in this edition (on Vladimir Putin and ISIS), I would like to encourage us to see that what is happening... read more

Inside Iraq

Every now and then we come across sites that make an incredibly deep impact. We have been hearing for so long of the terrible atrocities being committed in Iraq. These links graphically reveal more the horrors of life under ISIS. It is like reading accounts of the... read more

Cyber Matters: French speaking Television Stations taken over by ISIS

I love reading reports of all the remarkable things the Lord is doing around the world. ( is very good at supplying such information). Whilst lapping these up, we also know that we have also been called to alert people to less attractive trends the... read more

The Voice of the Martyrs

“I am telling you this now so that your faith in Me may not be shaken. The time is coming when anyone who kills you will think and claim that they are offering a service to God. They will act like this because they have never had any true knowledge of the Father or of... read more