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May 21, 2015 | Flashpoints

Every now and then we come across sites that make an incredibly deep impact. We have been hearing for so long of the terrible atrocities being committed in Iraq. These links graphically reveal more the horrors of life under ISIS. It is like reading accounts of the Holocaust and Srebrenica, taking us in a sensitive way far beyond the sanitised charts and reports on television of cities falling to ISIS to the raw suffering involved. Please don’t turn away from reading these pages because the material is so intense; some of the quotes take us to very close to the heart of the sacrifice that the cross represents. ISIS were right when they call their victims, “people of the cross”.

Into Iraq – what the news isn’t telling you

Into Iraq – Love in the time of ISIS

Even in this man-made hell on earth a few precious saints continue to serve the people in the most profound and practical ways.

When I sent these links to a friend she replied,

“I used to feel I couldn’t pray for situations like the one this lady is going into because I wasn’t willing to go myself, and that if we’re not willing to be part of the answer, then our prayers lack reality and truth. It is true that it’s no good praying, ‘Thy will be done’ if I’m not doing what I know His will to be for me, but I’ve been thinking of late about the partnership we can share in with those who suffer or lack, through our prayers and giving.

The plight of women and children and in particular, of those who suffer rape in war, has really been crying out to me for a little while. I want to turn my gaze away and not look because I can’t imagine or think of anything worse. But in reading the blog of the lady in Iraq, I know I have to turn and ‘look into the wounds’ of those who are suffering in such ways. And then I ask, well what is the oil and wine that I have to pour out? And where is the inn that I can make my offering to?”

If the devil sometimes does his best to make us feel we must be hypocrites because we do not have the call to go to such places ourselves, we must take care not to berate ourselves if we have neither the call nor the capacity to do so. Our task is rather to use what we do have and to love, pray, give and reach out where we are. God is so gracious, and things are so interconnected that God takes even our small prayers and offerings and weaves them into His purposes.

For background to the remarkable ministry featured in these links: See this website – Preemptive love.

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