Luguloire – African Harvest

May 21, 2015 | Mission Africa

The Holy Spirit visited Luguloire!

A rapturous welcome for the team – and from the Lord


Sharing the gospel door to door

The team were overwhelmed by the rapturous welcome large numbers of people were waiting to greet them with. So great was the hunger for the teaching and the ministry that people travelled from up to fifty miles away. One hundred people slept overnight on the floor of the church for the entire week that the team were there!

The team provided church leaders, including forty- two pastors from the surrounding area, with training on evangelism each morning. Immediately afterwards they went and put it into practice in twos and threes, visiting nearby homes. They returned with joy having seen scores of people coming to salvation and, in many cases, healed of sickness too.

Harvest time!


337 precious souls saved

Thanks to your prayers the predicted rains, which we were concerned about, were held at bay, and a crusade was held every afternoon with much praising.
The site that we needed for this was released at the last minute – thank you Lord! Everyone was so happy dancing and worshipping. The Gospel was preached each day and people received healing and deliverance.

Toothache healed, stomach pains gone, head pain gone.2 4 5

Despite the fact that the village is renowned as being the centre for demonic sacrifice for the whole district, no fewer than three hundred and thirty seven precious souls came into the Kingdom!

The Holy Spirit came!

During a time of prayer for the pastors and leaders there was a deep and precious move of the Holy Spirit. Who knows what God will do from this?7







A final blessing: Clean Water!


Having discovered that the village’s borehole pump had been out of action for a considerable time, the team immediately arranged for it to be repaired. The villagers were overjoyed to have fresh clean water once again. What a blessing!

Please pray:

  • for all the new believers in Luguloire to be deeply grounded and discipled
  • for joint new evangelistic initiatives in the months to come
  • For Terry Charlton as he prepares to travel to Uganda for the fifteenth year running (9-30 June) – details to follow

We can’t begin to thank you all enough. Your focused faith-filled prayers played a vital part in this African Harvest.

With our love, Terry Charlton and Steve Trint on behalf of the Mission Africa Evangelistic Team

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