‘Grace grows best in Winter:’ A Reflection for those who are feeling ‘verhoodled!’

What a precious time the week between Christmas and the New Year is for catching up with many things. I came across a delightful word a few days ago: ‘verhoodled.’ In Dutch Pennsylvanian (the language used by the Amish), it means ‘all confused and mixed up.’ I’m sure... read more

The Lord is at work at both ends!

In a laudable act of entente cordiale between countries once at war, precision engineers sheared their respective ways from Calais and Folkestone to build their underground causeway, meeting in the middle exactly where they should. But how do we fare when folks pick... read more

The Roll Call Grows – Continuity with generations past

Over six hundred years ago Thomas a Kempis wrote (in Latin of course!) The holy men and women, their earthly struggle o’er with joy put off the armour that they shall need no more; For these and all that battled beneath their Monarch’s eyes, the harder was... read more