Donald Trump

The miracle of 350 drones and missiles being intercepted – and today’s attack on Isfahan

Modern defence systems such as The Patriot are capable of tracking large numbers of incoming missiles at one time. So too must we be as our gaze shifts moment from Ukraine-Russia, to Washington-New York to Israel-Iran. All are important, but it is with this last that... read more

Heart Cry for America, Part One

The Lord has called me to be a watchman. Some watchmen stand atop a watchtower: my own watching is done from a basement with a viewless window! Nevertheless, I roam far and wide in my watchings, and the scale and intensity of developments in the world in these last... read more

Storm signals are up 2: The Vortex spinning around Trump

Brother Andrew once warned succinctly and poignantly that there are only two kinds of Nations: those which say that ‘it’ (persecution, and the breakdown of law and order and the overthrow of democratic organs of government) can never happen here, and those that say,... read more

The urgent need to heal the soul of the nation

Four years ago, American Democrats were complaining that Russian influence had stolen the 2016 election from Hillary Clinton. Four years and a still more bruising election campaign later and we are faced by something horrible: a truly staggering 70% of Republicans... read more

Discerning things that are hidden in plain sight

Who and what Donald Trump is has been plain for all to see from the very beginning. No one should have been surprised by the brief video that he released shortly after the invasion, praising the marauders, and doing nothing to dispel the delusion that the election was... read more