cyber warfare

2024: A year of destiny?

A Make-or-Break Year for Democracy Worldwide: that is the headline I read in Time magazine a few days ago, and it stirred me greatly. As many of you know, I have long carried a great burden to pray for the cause of democracy, and it is currently facing many... read more

The dilemmas that Russia is posing the world

This overview follows on from our recent article (To Russia with love, and further dimensions to the cyber-threat) on the risk posed by Russian to global internet cables. You may well find some of the details here disturbing. I have quoted historical precedents for... read more

To Russia with love – and further cyber complications

Year after year, I have noticed that my thoughts seem turn to Russia during this season. Back in the 1980s, at a time when the Cold War was raging and we were praying for Russian Christians to know freedom to worship in their land, the thought that we would be able... read more

World Watch: Cyber Threats

One of the major issues Teresa and her team are grappling with is whether to go ahead with the nuclear power plant at Hinkley Point. This raises directly and indirectly an issue we have often highlighted for prayer: the immense threats that cyber attacks pose to... read more

Intelligence Matters: Thousands of Jihadist sources revealed to the Security Services

For many years we have been trumpeting the fact that intelligence gathering and cyber capability is primary to world security, for the simple reason that cyber warfare are most likely to win future conflicts. We speak of the thin blue line protecting the nation’s... read more