World Watch: Cyber Threats

Sep 8, 2016 | Cyber Warfare, World Watch

One of the major issues Teresa and her team are grappling with is whether to go ahead with the nuclear power plant at Hinkley Point. This raises directly and indirectly an issue we have often highlighted for prayer: the immense threats that cyber attacks pose to civilised nations. You may well be aware of the concerns surrounding security in hosting Chinese nuclear plants on British soil. In case you missed them, this article serve to highlight the dilemmas Teresa May and team face. (There is nothing we can do to conceal the pictures that surround this text I’m afraid!)

We have continually encouraged people to keep cyber security issues at the forefront of their prayer agendas. Cyber attacks continue to cost the UK billions of pounds every year and they pose a major threat to both personal and national security.

The danger of espionage from dedicated hacking teams in countries such as Russia, China and Iran simply cannot be overstated.

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