World Watch: Pray for Teresa May and Angela Merkel

Sep 8, 2016 | World Watch

Pray for Teresa May and her team as they grapple on a daily basis with a huge range of pressing issues in the months ahead, not least with matters pertaining to Brexit, and developing her relationships with numerous world leaders. There are going to be plenty of challenges in the days ahead for western leaders!

Pray too for the “three Brexiteers” Boris Johnson, David Davis and Liam Fox, that they will humble themselves to collaborate well together.

Remember, too, Angela Merkel. Just as Teresa May received a shock during the G20 conference when Japan warned that it might relocate its major enterprises away from the UK, Angela must have been shaken by the results of the election in her own region, in which she came in third, below the anti-migrant Alternative Party. It sounds rather like the Conservatives losing control of Surrey!

This article is one of several that highlight Angela Merkel’s evangelical faith, and how she has sought to harness Germany’s great strength to save, rather than to destroy.



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