come Holy Spirit

Come Holy Spirit

An Advent Offering In the midst of what is, for all too many people, an intensely busy season, let’s make it our aim to celebrate the coming of Christ this Advent, and to prepare our hearts for Him to come to us in fresh ways. Advent starts on December 3rd and... read more

Clean Air: In the Flow of the Spirit

An offering on behalf of all you dear ones who are seeking to live in the flow of the Holy Spirit. This is part of a longer piece I wrote called ‘Clean Air’ for recorder, which Peter Richards skilfully reworked to add the lovely string accompaniment. This second... read more

The call of God resounds across the Earth

In these days when so many brazen calls are resounding around the Earth, many of them broadcasting shameless and barefaced lies, the theme of the call of God resounding across the planet is more important than ever. May this powerful track from our album... read more

Come Holy Spirit

As our lovely Pentecost offering wasn’t actually very much about the Holy Spirit, we are delighted to be able to release an exquisitely beautiful prayer/song that a friend of a friend wrote nearly forty years ago and which we recorded a few mnoths ago. The words... read more

Come Holy Ghost

Because a bishop said ‘Stay where you are,’ Malvern was established . . . Come Holy Spirit! There has been a Christian presence in Malvern for nearly a thousand years. A monk called Aldwyn felt the call to establish a community in the wilderness that lay... read more