Come Holy Spirit

Dec 5, 2019 | INSIGHTS, Manna for the Soul

An Advent Offering
In the midst of what is, for all too many people, an intensely busy season, let’s make it our aim to celebrate the coming of Christ this Advent, and to prepare our hearts for Him to come to us in fresh ways. Advent starts on December 3rd and finishes on Christmas Eve.

May the words that the angel Gabriel spoke to Mary resonate deeply in our hearts: The Holy Spirit will come upon you, and the power of the Most High will overshadow you. (Luke 1:35)

We are delighted to share with you a beautiful hymn that takes us right back to Saxon times, and which Sally has turned into another stunning YouTube. It was sung many centuries after it was composed at the coronation of Charles I, and has been used at every coronation ever since, coming directly after the creed.

We originally sent this piece out soon after we had recorded it in honour of Malvern’s thousand year-long Christian history – which is nearly as old as this hymn. It is sung for us by Harmony and Patricia Corry, a Canadian opera singer whom the Lord went to amazing lengths for me to meet in Paris in the mid-seventies, and who came back into my life in equally as remarkable a way twenty five years later.

Come Holy Spirit

May the words as well as the music bless you. They are well worth taking to heart.

Candle for the Lord

Let’s light a candle to quiet and prepare our spirits, and to celebrate the promise of His coming.

As we light this candle, may it be a sign of the love of Christ that binds people and nations together. This is all the more important at this time when strong currents are seeking to turn friends and neighbours against each other.

Sally filmed this candle in her house and for us and set it to Scriptural ‘titles’ of the Lord Jesus. May it bring deep stillness – and gird up our hearts to pray for some of the wider issues we have referred to in this edition.

Candle with music

Candle without music


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