Winston Churchill and the Still Small Voice of his Maker

Although special Russian forces have attempted to capture President Zelensky on a number of occasions, he has so far eluded them whilst managing at the same time to appear by video link at events all around the world. In this, he is not unlike Prime Minister Winston... read more

Your Troops will be Willing!

Society expects our troops to be willing to respond to any emergency that comes along. I love the verse in Psalm 110:3 where it says that the Lord’s troops will be ‘willing on the day of battle.’ It is a powerful verse, although precisely what it means will vary for... read more

Prayer for the Election

When the election date was announced, a friend found herself feeling sad that it was going to take place during Advent, which should be all about Jesus rather than politicians! But Jesus was born during a time of political unrest and, the Roman census, which is not... read more

Small steps that entail major consequences

As I was pondering the whole theme of not despising the day of small beginnings, I could not help comparing the apparent insignificance of so many precious movements at their outset (the arrival of the first missionaries in new regions for instance) with the high... read more